Fitness Friday!


I have to start by saying last night’s dinner was a HOME RUN! Lightened up coconut shrimp..Recipe will be up in the next few days!


I’m so excited because it’s one of my first Fitness Posts since the old MCL sprain! I’ve found that keeping my mind and body on basic training is what’s going to start my journey back to STRONG! It’s got me thinking…ANYONE who:

1. Is coming back from an injury..

2. Has never entered a fitness center..

3. Just isn’t sure if weight training is for them..

                    …has to start from the beginning. I put together 3 Back to Basics Workouts. They are easy to follow, consist of 6 exercises and a little cardio. Perfect for anyone! I used these workouts this week and let me tell you.. IT FELT GOOD to have weights back in my hands.

Feel Free to Follow Along with Me!!

                                    backtobasics1                               backtobasics3



I want to say Thank you to Meg over at A Dash Of Meg. She has this wonderful post called High Five Fridays where she shouts out others for their weekly achievements. It’s a great idea and GUESS WHAT? She added me to this weeks edition. HOORAY! Thanks Meg!

It’s a long weekend of fitness, football, and food! Cant’t wait!

What’s on your agenda this weekend? Anything you’re looking forward to?


6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday!

    • Shrimp is one of those great foods I can’t eat too much of but want all the time! I’m allergic to touching the raw stuff so I can only use tongs when I’m dredging everything lol! It’s a process I’m willing to go through. 🙂

  1. I can’t wait for that recipe it looks and sounds so delicious 🙂

    That also looks like a great basic workout too. My dad and I were talking yesterday and he is wanting to start a strength program, something like this would work well for him as he doesn’t have a lot of fitness.

    • Hey Jan! Oh the workout is awesome to get your dad or anyone started. I had to come up with a jumping off point, something simple my knee could handle. Because my body isn’t at full force even though my brain thinks it should be!! 🙂

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