Thinking Out Loud!


Happy Thursday Everyone! And a HUGE thanks to Amanda for hosting the Link Up. She rocks!

Let the random thoughts begin…

1. Decorating – We’ve been in our new apartment for 7 months and still have not hung a picture in our living room. We couldn’t decide because it’s a BIG COMMITMENT…the first thing you see coming up the stairs! We finally agreed to use a wall decal instead! I love these because they don’t damage the wall and you can move them whenever you want. This is what we decided on and I ADORE it!

Photo-152. Dunkin Coffee –  I picked up this coffee at Walgreens. I had never seen it but it was on sale with the Christmas items. (Don’t you love end of the season sales!) I felt like I was taking a risk on the flavor but I couldn’t turn down Apple Pie… it’s delicious! Wish I purchased more but when I returned, they were all GONE! 😦

photo 2-5

3. Mason Jars – What is it about mason jars that makes everything better? Coffee + Mason Jar = Happiness    …FACT!


photo 5-3

4. Scandal – I’m not quite sure which awesome Blog I was reading that recommended the show Scandal but now I’m attached. (if you know which one it is please let me know so I can give them credit) The show has so many twists and turns, you never know what’s coming!! Go RUN over to your Netflix account and start watching. Prepare yourself’e gonna get hooked!!

scandal_2012_624x3515. High Tops – On Tiago’s recommendation I have bought my first official pair of casual Osiris high tops. Sneakers have always been pretty strict for working out so this is new stomping grounds for me. PUN INTENDED! Boyfriend approves on the colors and so do I. They’re pretty cool!

photo 4-3

Do you have Decals in your home? Strange Coffee flavors? Mason jars a plenty? Guilty pleasure TV show? High Tops!?

Have a great day!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud!

  1. Confession: I’ve been living in my current place for over 2 years and I have YET to hang any pictures. You’re right — it’s a huge commitment! I managed to hang a mirror in the entry way, and that’s pretty much it 😆 I love the idea of using decals, though — I think I might have to look into that myself. And very.much.YES to mason jars! I was this |___| close to picking up a novelty one with a little straw in it, but it was kind of pricey for a jar, so I turned it down. Still kind of kicking myself over that one — they’re too cute!

    • Yes def look into the decals!! They’re awesome and there is such a range out there. You could literally find one for any room. I have a feeling another novelty mason jar will cross your path!! 🙂

  2. Cute sneakers! Yes, everything is made better in Mason Jars, including coffee and green smoothies and water!

    I LOVE “Scandal.” I started watching over the holiday break and I can’t get over it. I watched all the episodes so now I’m stuck until February 27th. I suggest slowing down so you don’t have to go so long without it.

    • Thanks Julie!! I’m so glad I’m not alone!! I can’t get enough of “Scandal” but you are absolutely right..slowing down will hold me until the new episodes come out. I don’t want to go through withdrawal! 🙂

  3. Playing catch up on blog reading so sorry for the delayed comment! 😉

    I love your new wall decal it looks awesome, such a great quote to choose. We are renting so can’t put any decals on the wall but I have hung some photos up and I made a crafty canvas thing I saw on Pinterest and it turned out well so hung it up too.

    Those apple pie donuts sounded devine!

    I need to get back to Scandal, I watched 3 episodes and then my other shows came back and I got distracted.

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