Nature Box has Arrived!

Happy Monday Friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I have 2 weekend Highlights to share with you.

1st Highlight: As a Xmas gift, Boyfriend ordered me a subscription to Nature Box. It’a a wonderful company, with monthly deliveries. They put together healthy snacks, you can feel good about eating. Their products are made from wholesome ingredients that are minimally processed. Nature Box gives you the option to be surprised by the snack selection OR you can pick your own. I opted for picking my first time but think next month’s box will be all surprises!!  Healthy Snacks at my doorstep? What a WIN! Needless to say, when that box arrived I jumped for joy.


2nd Highlight: As a New Year’s Goal, I really want to up my blog game. 🙂 Why not start with pictures!? I’m lucky to have Tiago in the house who already has some photography knowledge. He showed me some basics and through me behind the camera. It was only natural that Nature Box be the star of my first photo shoot!! 


I tore into the individually packaged goods and was shocked by the large amount given of each snack. There are at least 4 servings in each bag. AMAZING! Pictured above is Banana Bread Granola and South Pacific Plantains. Both are delicious. The granola could make any yogurt shine and the plantains have just the right amount of salt and crunch.


DSC_1791-2The Zesta Fiesta Mix adds a nice spicy kick without being overwhelming.  Makes you feel like paprika and chili powder should be in all savory trail mixes. 🙂 I’m a serious sucker for salty and sweet so the adorable Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops were right up my alley. Finally, my very favorite… PEANUT BUTTER. You didn’t think I’d order snacks without having something peanut butter did you?! The Peanut Butter Nom Noms below are soft, chewy cookies that work perfectly with a cup of coffee. Let’s face it…perfect with anything, it’s peanut butter!


I have to say I was thoroughly impressed by each snack and genuinely enjoyed the individual flavors. Thank you Nature Box, for keeping health AND happiness in mind. I can’t wait until next months treats. If you haven’t checked out this company yet, take some time this week to sneak a peek!

Do you have a Nature Box subscription? Do you have something similar?

What’s your favorite snack?


4 thoughts on “Nature Box has Arrived!

  1. Gorgeous pics, girl! Photography is definitely one of my favourite hobbies to indulge in… as long as I’m not hungry 😉 If I am, then I’m much more likely to eat my props and things take 3x as long because I’m constantly having to re-style my shots. Ahh well. And I -wish- I could subscribe to one of those boxes, but I don’t think there’s many of them that ship to Canada 😦

    • Thanks Amanda! It was really exciting to start learning the process. I can’t wait to try props and whatnot. Your pictures are always beautiful so I’ll keep an eye on your shots! OH NO, we have to find you a snack subscription that ships to Canada!! There’s gotta be one out there. 🙂

  2. That nature box subscription sounds awesome. Those things haven’t really taken off here yet in Australia but we are starting to get more of them slowly.

    I need to up my skills on my photography. Your photos look seriously awesome 🙂

    Favourite snack right now is greek yoghurt with almond butter and jam mixed in…so simple but so good!

    • Thank you Jan!! I’m starting small with the photography stuff but it’s fun to learn something new! I totally recommend it. I love almond butter. It’s a great choice!! I don’t quite trust myself around the stuff! 🙂 Happy to see you back lady!

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