Technological Disaster & a Delayed Xmas!

It happened! My computer crashed! I have never realized how much we depend on the good ol’computer until this last week and a half.  I sat at the Genius Bar awaiting the news about my computer. Sadly, my backup didn’t work and there were no cocktails at this bar! In the end, it turns out I lost all my files… teaching & blogging. YIKES! What I learned? BACK UP EVERYTHING, TWICE! 😦 Thank you all for your patience during that small interruption in blogging.

image-4WE MOVE ON! 🙂 Christmas…HOORAY! I won’t bore you with details, simply because this Xmas post is delayed and many of us are tired of ribbons and cookies. Well not everyone…see below. Though, some of us moved on to the New Year, so I’ll make this quick!


Boyfriend and I threw an ugly Christmas Sweater party and it was a success! Some even took it to another level. Check out the Xmas skirt one of my friends made. BRAVO!

image-6 photo-3

Our actual holiday was split between Christmas morning (& eve) at my family’s house and the evening at his family’s house. By the end of the two days we were exhausted and we plopped onto our couch at home happy as could be! I hope you all had a a beautiful holiday!


I’m looking forward to 2014! Post to come…. 🙂

Stay Strong Everyone!

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