Thinking Out Loud..Xmas Edition


Staying with Amanda on this one! Thinking out loud time..XMAS EDITION!

1. Candy canes – As a kid I was never a candy cane fan. I could only take so much of the peppermint  flavor…but NOW they come in such awesome varieties. Sweet Tarts, Cinnabon, Lifesavers…..YES! I gave out some delicious Jelly Belly Candy Cane to my advisees and they were super excited.


2. Holiday Parties – Tis the season for parties! I love that the holidays give  people a reason to stop and celebrate. Whether it’ s fancy or just an excuse to wear a Christmas sweater (party coming this weekend…woohoo), Take some time to celebrate. I know that my fellow teachers and I need a moment when we can just relax and enjoy! Also, as phys ed teachers it’s nice to put some normal clothes on! 🙂


My Fellow Health & PE Crew!

3. Teacher gifts – speaking of teaching. Sometimes my family and friends ask me what to get their teachers for the holidays. Well I can’t speak for all teachers but I can tell you what’s always a hit with me! I think no teacher is complete without a cup of caffeine in their hands, so a SMALL gift card to your local coffee shop is always a win! Oh and of course, homemade treats! Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark. This box is soo cute.


4. Favorite Christmas Movies – This questions gets asked often and mine is always the same! A Muppets Christmas Carol. Hands Down. I’m thinking about it because, shockingly, I haven’t watched it yet this year. This movie is the cutest version of A Christmas Carol and always puts me in a good mood. The perfect mix of silly, heart warming, holiday fun. If you haven’t seen it, PLEASE sit down this weekend, pop some popcorn and fall in love with the muppets (if you’re not already in love with them like I am!!).


5. Christmas Hats = Love 



Stay Strong 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud..Xmas Edition

  1. Omigosh! A Muppet’s Christmas Carol is seriously one of my favourite Christmas movies of all time! Gah! I wonder if I can dig up the old VHS copy that’s buried somewhere in my parents’ house. And my go-to gift when I don’t know what to get someone is always a coffee gift card, and if it’s a friend, I’ll ask them to meet me for a date to catch up.

    Happy Thursday, Diana!

    • Amanda, find that video immediately. 🙂 I love that you have the VHS!! I have some serious respect for you!! I’ll be watching it this weekend. Coffee catch up dates are the best. I’ll take any reason to be with friends and caffeine! 🙂

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