Thinking Out Loud …

Thanks to Amanda for hosting. It’s officially my first Thinking Out Loud post.  Hooray!!


1. So this morning and many mornings, I walk into the coffee shop and order iced coffee. I sit there with a scarf around my neck , fingerless gloves on, smiling at the lady looking at me like I’m crazy! Is it strange to order iced coffee in the winter? There’s just something about iced coffee that makes me happy… even when there’s snow on the ground! :)) Please don’t judge me!!

2. My cousin and I were on the phone and she told me that her boyfriend and her are starting to jog together on the weekends. He usually weight trains/runs and she used to run track in school. I thought this was a wonderful idea for them and it got me thinking. Some of my BEST workouts were with Boyfriend (he’s in the about me section if you’re curious). He pushed me to be better and of course there is always some healthy competition involved. Is it true what they say? Do couples who train together stay together. I Love It! ❤


All 4 us at NY’s Great Urban Race

3. As you know, I’m a Phys Ed & Health teacher, so getting kids excited about exercise is my daily goal! Usually successfully, but I think back to when I was kid and how much I loved PE. You couldn’t get me to leave class. Nowadays, theres a bit of pushback from High School kids because they don’t want to PLAY. Did I just hear you gasp? I KNOW!! It still shocks me too. I long for the days of kickball sometimes! 🙂


4. Last night Boyfriend and I had our weekly date night. Every Tuesday or Wednesday depending on his firefighting schedule we go out for date night. It can be an activity or dinner and the rules are simple. We aren’t allowed to do things for the apartment and we have to leave school and work at home. The focus has to  be on us. I  love this night because it truly is a moment where we can just sit and talk and enjoy each other’s company. It’s so easy to take each other for granted and this night is a reminder of why we’re together.  Do other people have mandatory date nights? If you have any date night ideas I’d love to hear them!


Butternut squash ravioli. Topped with more butternut squash! DELISH!

5. I’m a serious peanut  butter lover… to the point that I can’t really be trusted around the stuff. BUT I was wondering how I would feel about Sun Butter (made with sunflower seeds). I really adore  old David’s sunflower seeds and think maybe it would be a  nice change. If you’ve tried it on sandwich, with some fruit and have some thoughts…. please share!

SBT-19120-0Thanks again Amanda for encouraging us to go on a rant! Because sometimes…you just need too!



4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud …

  1. Kids these days — they be crazy! You definitely wouldn’t find me complaining if I could just play dodgeball every day. And I love how you have a date night with the boy! It’s way too easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of life and forget about romance, so leaving those things at home is always a good idea. I wish I could offer some advice on fun dates, but I’m in a LDR right now so my date nights consist of sitting at home Skyping in front of a computer screen 😆

    Thanks for joining up for ToL, girl! Totally loved reading your randoms 😀

  2. I love the idea of a designated date night. My fiance and I need to start doing that.

    Sunflower butter is delicious! I love it. Another alternative to peanut butter that’s amazing is Justin’s vanilla almond butter. OMG, it’s like crack.

    • Hahaha I love that you called it crack. I adore vanilla so I’ll look into it for sure. The mandatory date night has really become something we look forward to weekly. It’s almost like our first date every week! Try it let me know! 🙂

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