Weekend Update…


I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Things were great over here because it was time for Christmas decorations! Now it’s not easy to get Boyfriend (yes I call him that…lol) to decorate, but in bits and pieces we made it happen. Our tiny tree is my favorite! Mini tree with mini ornaments. Perfect for SoSmallSoStrong! To add to the holiday spirit it actually was snowing today in New Jersey and our Jets won! XmasBlog

I also made my Meatza this weekend, which turned out delicious. I use Little B’s recipe because I love it! I follow the recipe for the crust but change the oven temperature (just think my oven is a little different). I turn mine to 375 degrees for the first 20 minutes then crank it up  to 425 for another 10-15 minutes. I like the edges to be a little crispier.


I top my Meatza with half a small can of no salt added sauce! Then I jazz it up according to my mood. This time I wanted it to be a little sweeter so I added some Xylitol (ideal brand), garlic powder, black pepper, and plenty of Italian seasoning. I’ll try measuring next time to give exact. I’m a notorious shaker and taster! Toppings included, nonfat cottage cheese, broccoli, onion and a few turkey pepperoni slices. You can put anything you want on it! Next time I may go jalapeños…YUM!

I was lucky enough to have Physical Therapy with my Angel this weekend and I did some stretching and strengthening at home, on my inspirational yoga mat. Love it!


So looking forward to the week, thanks to the Elf4Health challenges! It’s going to be a good one!

Anyone else excited for the Elf4Health Round #2? 🙂

Stay Strong!

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