Making Moves & Cheerios

Happy Thursday Everyone! It’s almost Friday…soo cloooooose.

I’ve started making some progress on the activity front. I’m so excited! I’ve had to change up my routine to cater to the injury, so most workouts have been seated. Though a bit of a challenge, we make it work!  Here’s the workout I did yesterday. Simple and enough of a workout to raise my heart rate and make me feel strong.

Workout BCA

I’ve also started Physical Therapy with Cassandra. She will officially be referred to as my Angel! She is super nice and with some help from others in the facility, they walked me through some basic exercises and stretches to help the old knee. I even got to use the leg press!! Woohoooo! 🙂 These are some examples of the exercises I did.PT

Afterwards I had a serious craving for some Honey Nut Cheerios! I’m not a cereal eater usually but I needed a crunch. I love to mix cereals so I threw some granola in there for a different texture. Is this weird!? 🙂


I know cereal can be sugary so do you have any healthy favorites?

Do you mix and match too? Let me know so I can try some new combinations!

Make it a STRONG DAY! *Diana

3 thoughts on “Making Moves & Cheerios

  1. Not good about hurting your knee, leg injuries can be the pits!! Sounds like you at least have a great physio to help you work through it which is awesome. I also think it is great you are doing the right thing and focussing on what you can do like upper body workouts.

    I’ve just gotten into making my own granola which can be a less sugary alternative. As well if you haven’t tried it before you should check out Fitness Sista’s blog recipe for Serious Cereal, cookie dough flavoured cereal, it is AMAZING!!

    Have a great weekend.

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