Weekend & Goals Update!


This weekend was an interesting one starting with our schools annual “Lock-In”. It’s an all night event which they open the school and 9th graders participate in activities, including scavenger hunts, bounce castles, capture the flag and frisbee at 2am and even a hypnotist show! It’s kind of AMAZING! I wish we had this when I was in high school. It’s an incredible bonding experience that keeps the kids active and makes for a ton of laughs!


Bouncy Castle Racing? YES PLEASE!


Mechanical Bull!

I did do some reading this weekend on recovery and nutrition. It’s amazing how crucial it is for your body to receive whole, nutritious foods in order to repair. I’ll be upping my fish oil intake, adding green tea extract and more calcium to my usual vitamins (helps with inflammation and joint mobility). In order to avoid any weight gain my goal is to eat as if I’m on a rest day. For those of you who like numbers, I’ll try to keep it around 1200- 1300 calories of mostly clean foods. Boyfriend has agreed to keep me happy by having breakfast for dinner this week. HOORAY!! PICTURES TO COME!


Weekend His & Hers Beverages 🙂

The rest of the weekend was for resting my knee. As promised, I’m trying my best to stay positive. Even if it is quite boring to sit and rest. I started losing my mind just a tad, icing my knee and sitting on the couch… trying on clothes, accessories, looking for any excuse to get up and move. I MISS YOU GYM!

Make it a STRONG week!

How do you stay sane during injuries? 

3 thoughts on “Weekend & Goals Update!

  1. I would simply say don’t push yourself, because then you will only make your injury worse. In 2009 I ran a 5K and then took a month off. When I started running again I did too much too soon, and long story short I had to stop running. I have finally gotten the issue addressed and should start running fairly soon. The biggest advice I would give you is to come to terms that you are injured and need to rest. Mentally you have to have your mind right that it will take time for you to get back to 100%. You can and will get better, but it will take some time. Recovering is like training/working out towards any fitness goal. It takes time and takes longer than you would want it to, but just remember everyday gets you closer to getting back on the knee. I hope that helps.

  2. Welcome! Happy to help anyway I can. It is easy to get down or frustrated about an injury. The key is to not focus on what you cannot do or control, but what you can control. Thanks and I will be getting into it slowly but I am looking forward to being able to run again.

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