Here’s to Healthy…

I came across this post on today that really made me….well HAPPY.

If you haven’t been on their website take some time and browse through the articles. They have fantastic fitness tips, recipes and everyday health info. I guarantee you will be hooked. 🙂

Photo on 11-8-13 at 12.20 PM #2

That’s me deeeeeep in thought…or just being ridiculous in between parent/teacher conferences! Either way!

A letter from their founder made me really think about the word “healthy”. Like most of you reading this blog,  I’m always looking for what’s new in health and put out a reminder to us all about Happy being what’s Healthy. Discovering a balance that is right for you is what’s healthy. This idea just reassured me that starting this blog, having this journey of finding my own balance and getting to connect with you all is what makes me HAPPY!


Ice Pack, Pillows, Couch..repeat

Perfect timing too!! I didn’t want to share too early but I tweaked my knee recently. I was jogging and my tiny knee just gave out. Tiiiiiimber! I fell…not far because I’m pretty low to the ground but enough to stop me from working legs. My last 2 nights have looked a bit like this.

I worked out today and felt good so I think tomorrow the old knee should be back to normal. Fingers Crossed.

So I thank  for making me smile today and for being a resource I can turn to! Strong is my Happy &  Healthy

What’s your “Healthy”?

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