Easy B-fast Action!

As you might have read in my Silly Confessions, I adore breakfast!! I wake up pretty early in the morning for teaching, so sometimes I need something that’s easy peasy!

image-2 image-4


This is a breakfast that I eat ALL THE TIME!! It’s super simple, filling and can be prepared ahead of time. I make them for the week and pop them in the toaster oven. 3 ingredients…

1/2 cup Old Fashioned Oats

4 egg whites


Add all 3 into a bowl. Whisk or beat it with a fork. Let stand for a minute or two (it helps the oats become fluffy). Spray a hot skillet with nonstick spray and make into 2 oat cakes. Once it keeps its shape, flip! Cook other side. DONE!! 


Apples in the oats and coffee on the counter. Typical day! 🙂

Sounds easy because it is! Then you can play with the recipe. If you like something sweet add honey or maple syrup on top. I love to add shredded apple into the batter. Sometimes pumpkin. BUT my favorite topping is berries. Not just any…I actually melt FROZEN berries in the microwave. (Especially good when berries are out of season). They melt and become almost  like a sauce! Delicious!


Growing up I hated oatmeal because of the texture, but this is the best of both worlds soft, fluffy inside, slight crispy texture on the outside. It’s also a nice change from your usual oatmeal!

It’s a little strange at first but…I promise if you like oatmeal…You’ll love it!!

Do you have any easy oatmeal recipes?!

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