My Friendly Reminders

When I start something new, I tend to get a little nervous… those thoughts of “Can I do this?” “Should I do this?” start running through my head. YIKES!  So I’ve decided to give myself a few friendly reminders to keep myself on track!


 Last time I followed Jamie Eason’s LIVEFIT Trainer, I would always think to myself. “Would Jaime do this?” And If I didn’t say it…the Boyfriend would.  This round, I hope for the same mentality ..a WWJamieD if you will!!


My favorite t-shirt. Make sacrifices, Not excuses. Between the neon green and the powerful message…I LOVE IT!


A string wrapped around my wrist. It’s actually from the dessert box from my birthday cupcake. Yes, it sounds strange but I want to remember the promise I made to myself on my 29th birthday. To stay strong and balance my health and my happiness!!

 I hope you all can find what motivates you!!

Do you have any items that  keep you motivated?

I could use suggestions. 😮

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