Finally 29 on the 29th…

My favorite month is coming to a close and my birthday week was phenomenal! Between the thoughtful gifts, dinners and everything pumpkin, I realize just how lucky I am. Thank you to my friends, family and boyfriend for making it so special.

I’m officially 29 and I’d like to set a new goal for myself! I want to finally balance my health and happiness.

Broad goal ..I KNOW 😮

So lets get specific….it starts with a new training program. Jamie Eason’s Livefit from is a favorite of mine. It’s 3 months of weight training and cardio OH AND IT’S FREE. I’ve done this one before so I know it’s possibilities.

I’m nervous  but excited. I take on month one starting November 1st.

Wish me luck!


Some of my birthday faves! 

Silly cards, Brunch, Surprise bday wish from Google & my love…Pumpkin Coffee

Is anyone starting any new challenges/ journeys this November?

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